Past Projects:

2012 - 2015
Contract Software Developer Then I wrote a system to consolidate a client's portfolio and calculate its growth for Exceed Asset Management. ( It is a very complex system that collects the investment data from the different banks.and stores it in a DB. From the DB a monthly report is emailed to the client's management reports can be pulled to see, at a glance, how the company is doing as a whole. For more info, you need to sign an NDA. ;) C# .Net MSSQL

2011 - 2012
Contract Software Developer I wrote a system for "Automated Recovery Systems" It was a system to manage all the paperwork involved in repossessed realestate. C# .Net MSSQL

2010 - 2011
Created the support group and website for CMT in South Africa:

12/2009 - 02/2010
Billing module for Bztobz

Digital Fire Dynamic questions database.

07/08 2009- Snappolls module for Portal programming.
C# MSSQL2005

Helping Snowball with WHMCS bugs
Zend, PHP, objects (this sucks big time btw)

Customer db with online registration and Creditcard payment.
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005

Imported legecy data into and fixed all the problems that resulted.
SQLServer management studio and VS2008

Used nopComerce starter kit and added a CMS
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005

Bebe ITGirl competion web-based db
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005

11/2008 - 02/2009
Wrote CRM
Bulk mailing, Mail templates, Bulk SMS, Label printing (from Web, using MS Reporviewer),
Tast tracking, Todo Lists, Entering tasks via SMS, Importing new client from CSV or Excel.
Multi-company facility, Extended Role based security so any function kan be asigned to any user, yet a user gets assigned a role with set functions.
and many more
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005

Quoting backend.
Wrote admin system to parse the pricelist of a few IT Wholesalers (Rectron, Mustec etc) and import and process them to use for qouting with SugarCRM.
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005 and mySQL, PHP for the SugarCRM part.
(IOW seemles intergration between MSSQL and mySQL)

added CMS and fixed Newsletters

07/2008 - 08/2008
The syncronization module for keeping the POS Databases in sync with the head office, for Planetel, a nation wide cellphone service provider in a thirdwold country.
The Module consisted of 10 projects.
3 x Custom Instalation apps to configure and install the service at the branches.
1 x transfer service, (Windows NT Servise )
2 x Sync services
3 x Windows Form based apps to test and debug the Services
A WebService for Head Office to handel the Transfer Service's calls.
Technologies used: C# .NET 2.0 VS2005 Postgres

Secured all the Clasic ASP websites hosted at an certain ISP against SQL Injection
With the help of their programmers to do the repetitive work obviously

04/2008 -05/2008
Layed down the basic framework for
DB and basic structure and functionality.
Technologies, C# Ajax .Net 3.5, MS-SQL2005

2007  (Contracts)
Senior Software Developer BannerManagement System
AddBooking for
QuotingBackend for
Project Manage MIT
Technologies: C# .NET SQL2005

Jan 2007  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Modified again.
Registration Wizard for
Technologies: PHP + mySQL + ASP + Access

Dec 2006  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Added SOAP client to
Technologies: .NET + ASPX + C#

October - November 2006  (Contract) 
Senior Software Developer
Technologies: Classic ASP + SQL

August - September 2006  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Created Multi-company CMS
Technologies: ASP + SQL2005
Technologies: PHP + mySQL

June - July 2006  (Contract) 
Senior Software Developer
Technologies: CF + SQL + CF_Nuke
Added CMS + Photo Gallery to
Classic ASP + XML

May 2006  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Created website for Stellenbosch Wines Direct with Shopping cart.
Technologies: PHP + mySQL + ASP + Access

January 2006 - April 2006  (Contract)
Senior Web Developer
Wrote Web based BEE Intranet.
Technologies: C# .NET framework v 2.0 with MS SQL.

September 2005 - December 2005  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Designed database and built Win forms front-end for BEE Admin.
Technologies: C# .NET framework Win Forms with MS SQL.

August 2005  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Made changes to NTN database. Created Speakers database.
Technologies: MS Access.

April - July 2005  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Content Management Website.
Technologies: CSS, Cold Fusion and MS Access.

Feb 2005  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Made changes to Duroplasics Intranet.
Technologies: ASP VB6, MS Access.

November - December 2004  (Contract)
Senior Software Developer
Wrote SPSM (Supplier Partner Settlements Management) system for UUNET.
Technologies: C# .NET framework with SQL.

July - October 2004  (Contract)
Private Contractor
Finishing touches for Biometrics customer registration/Identification system.
Shopping cart for (HTML and JavaScript)
Wrote BEE offline system for calculating black empowerment scores for companies.
Technologies: ASPX .NET framework with VB, C# , SQL, Dreamweaver.

June 2004  (Contract)
E-Commerce Specialist
Implemented the online payment encryption routines for hooking up to a bank in France for secure payment.
Technologies: ASPX .NET framework with VB code.

November 2003 – May 2004
Foreign Exchange Day trader
I tried to make a career out of Foreign Exchange Intraday Trading

May 2000 – November 2003     
Head Senior Analyst-Programmer / Webmaster
Web development and Maintenance. I was hired to keep the site up and running while the Webmaster in America was asleep or on leave. I developed, debugged and implemented anything from new games, voting system, security and banner rotation to SQL back-ends that sent automatic mailers, to implementing a complete new graphic interface (Graphics was supplied) to the whole site.  Having more than a million registered users, with 2500 pages, running on 16 servers (Including a Linux mail server) this was quit a task as it was also my duty to make sure the site ran 24/7.
Technologies: ColdFusion, ClusterCats, Verity, MSSQL, ASP, VB Com+, JavaScript, Flash, HTML
Milestones: Wrote a 100% robust and secure Voting system, some auto-mailers for promotions. Replaced the complete graphic front-end of the Site. Translated the site into Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish. Redesigned the Registration Process so that it could be used with the new languages. Doubled the speed of pages loading. De-Normalized a few tables to improve the banner-rotation functions. Wrote the banner-placement Stored procedure that could submit 4,5 million Queries to the DB while the live site was running. Traced Hackers around the world. Maintained the stock market system managed the redesign. Intergrated new modules (Like games, etc.) into the site. Wrote Ludo Exchange, where Ludos could be exchanged for Casino Credits.

January 2000 – April 2000
Senior Analyst-Programmer (3 month Contract)
Web development. Working on the management system of . I was called in to identify and fix some major critical bugs.  Then I started writing specifications for rewriting the Management system using VB, ASP, COM objects and a more stable Database structure on SQL-7 to increase fault tolerance and stability as well as catering for extensibility of the system.

November 1999 – December 1999
Internet Developer (2 month Contract)
Web development. Wrote the checkout and payment system for , developed in California. With multiple shops, online payment methods, shipping methods, etc. all in one system. Using ASP, ADO, JavaScript, VBScript, VB COM objects, SQL7.  I was working from home via the Internet and developed and refined my Telecommuting skills. (i.e. Meetings with Netmeeting or ICQ, SQL with Enterprise Manager, ASP with InterDev, Terminal Server, db connections with ADO and DSN-less connections, etc.

November 1998 – September 1999

Dockside Internet

Software Engineer Web Development: Shopping Carts, News Media Websites, Security models, Memberships, Mailing List, E-Commerce (online Credit Card validation) Betting Sites with live data, Boolean Search engine, Dynamic Admin of Websites via HTTP, Email via ASP.
Technical: Custom FTP Apps, Parsers, User-Friendly Idiot Proof Interfaces, Rollback\Commit Fault Tolerant Transactions, WAN databases, ADO RDO DAO ODBC db connection standards, Remote worker (Telecommuting), Install & Maintain OS Tools Databases Web Servers, COM Objects ActiveX Controls
Websites: (Did all ASP, databases, design and coding)

  • -  World Commission of Dams,
  • - SA Computer Magazine,
  • - IGN SuperBet & SuperTrack,
  • - MediaWeb,
  • - Faces, IceModels,
  • - LadiesGifts online shop
  • - Holotropic online shop
  • - Cape National Parks

Websites: (Did part of the databases and ASP)

  • - Empowering small business through the Internet

Worked from home (Telecommuted) for 6 months.

October 1997 – October 1998                                      Metropolitan Life           
Develop Front-end screens for New Business System -  Wrote 3 custom ActiveX controls needed for the front ends, including an efficient Code-Description Lookup control  Design and code the Policy number Register system from user Specs. Communicate with mainframe back-ends via IBM MQ-Series  - Wrote a utility to see if the Mainframe is online via MQ and clear your MQ-Queues if needed I acted as Database administrator for the local DB2 databases for the front-end development team and wrote a program to read in an AmiPro document and generate SQL scripts to export data from the Mainframe and populate the  local databases with a modified version of the data. Wrote IO Modules in C using Static Embedded SQL that is used by VB front-ends to read and write to the BD2 database. - Wrote parser to generate VB User Defined Type from a Cobol cbl file.

April 1994 – August 1997                               Roux Bracken & Associates           
Owner /Entrepreneur
Networking Experience - Installed and Maintained the following for my clients: Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT, LANtastic 5 & 6, Novell Light, Novell 2.15 - 3.11
Operating Systems - Dos 2.11 To 6.22, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Free BSD (Unix)
Fixing of Electronic equipment - Monitors, power supplies, printers and all other component level repairs, Fixing of Computers, Fault finding hardware and software (including anything from a 286 to Pentiums, plotters, networking, hubs, modems, scanners, digitizers)
Programming Experience - Creating WebPages, Access 7, Visual Basic 3, SQL, Visual Basic 5, Delphi 1 & 2, Z80+8086 Assembly, Turbo Pascal 3 - 6, dBase III

April 1992 – March 1994                                        Fulindom Computers           
Technical Manager
I was the manager for four technicians and also gave them training and solving problems they and the dealers were not capable of. Instigated a Burn-in procedure to help sell more reliable PC's. Quality control (testing of all new products before allowing it to be sold in SA).
I also acted as Branch manager when the owner was out of the country

February 1991 – October 1991                   Punchline Computers Namibia           
Workshop/Technical Manager
I started with two technicians to solve customer hardware problems and ended with four technicians and a workshop that generated and income for the company.
I also did component level repairs.

December 1985 – January 1991           Namibia Broadcasting Corporation           
Trainee Technician - Senior Technician
Designed and built radio studios - Fixed and maintained radio studios, television studios and RF transmitters


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