I am a Real Programmer, not a person who studied to become a programmer, but a born programmer.
In 1982 we were not allowed to have calculators at school, but I had a calculator that could take 27 program steps (IOW 27 bytes of RAM)
At first year Varcity (Elec.Eng), we were given a stack of punch cards and a username and password and told to go program the Univac,
I one-upped them by debugging my assignments on my 8 bit Sinclare ZX Spectum loaded with Pascal compiler, then punching the code in at midnight when the Punchcard Room was quiet.
Speaking of Spectrum, I was crazy enough to write a PacMan in Interpreted Basic, knowing it would be way too slow, just to see if it was do-able.
When the first XT IBM Compatible PCs came out, I took a two year loan to buy one, cause I needed something to program.
Having studied Electronics, I ended up owning a computer networking company, built from scratch, with a turnover of 2,5 mill. but I was not happy.
At the age of 35 I went to my shrink with a cartoon picture cut-out from the back of DataWeek and said to her "This is me!" and "Not a manager that has to crack whip all day.!!"
The picture showed a guy sitting behind a monitor at 2 in the morning with a 750ml mug of coffee and ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts.
She told me to follow my heart so I liquidated my company, refused to do any hardware and started my "Programming Career".
I quickly moved up the ranks, working for places like Dockside and Kalahari.net, and ended up working for Gambling.com in Toronto via the internet while living in a National Game Reserve for 3 years.
All dreams comes to an end and I was retrenched when they sold the company to a British Corporate.

Today I sit at home amongst the vineyards with 3 servers and a kick-ass workstation around me, looking for a challenging project to stimulate my logically inquisitive mind, preferably projects based in .Net and MS SQL, because I have been focusing on it for the last 10 years(from 1.1 to 4.5), but if you give me a problem that no-one can solve, I am able to program in any language.
I can program anything, including microprocessors, PLAs, Cell Phones, PCs to Mainframes. I have written systems in 25 different languages.

I am the guy that looks at a program on the computer screen and sees the code running which produced that.
I can sometimes look at code and even tell you what went on in the programmers mind when he wrote it (but dont tell me how to write something, every piece of software is different, to duplicate something I use cut & paste).
Einstein said, "Why should I memorise something if I can look it up in a book", he would have loved the Internet.


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